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Up in Arms about Ads II – The good, the bad and the very odd indeed

Here’s more raves and rants about TV commercials we get in Canada. It’s a curse to be completely unable to watch TV commercials without knowing how they got to be that way and pulling them apart. But then, advertisers make it so easy to be critical. Sometimes I can take one look and say, now that’s cheap and nasty. Must’ve cost all of $10 and 15 minutes to slap together in Powerpoint.  In fact, it’s a website banner – 3 slides with a bit of text animation using the “whip” effect. (If you pay for the airtime on a prime channel why not make it look decent?) Or hey, – that’s the soundtrack of the previous ad cut up with a new line added  –  so you can hear when it switches over (like in the “Cascade Kitchen Counsellor” series).  Who was sloppy in the sound studio then? Tsk. Tsk.

Here follows a selection of the Good, the Bad and the Very Odd Indeed.

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