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The creative process is a pain, but…


Waterfall, acrylic on canvas, 16 x 16” / 21.5 x 21.5” framed, October 2014 (On my portfolio on

The creative process is a mixture of self-doubt, anxiety, technical struggles and an inexplicable compulsion to continue. Heck, this sounds like some mental affliction!  But at times, just now and then, you get something right, if only in your own eyes, and that makes you very happy. And those little moments of satisfaction are worth the weeks and months of difficulty (all those ripped up canvases, wasted paint, and over-done, un-workable flops with something-wrong-but-you-don’t-know-what).

The stuff that does work – a poem, painting, analysis, critique, design – acts like little sign-posts that say: Hey, you might not be as “fecking ‘orrible” (as Mrs. Agnes Brown would say) as you think. Or more prosaically, there are others that are worse!

And of course, paintings that work look better when they are properly framed – like this one here. We often go wandering up the foothills behind our house (The Hills Are Alive with the sound of middle-aged people panting!) and often I see these little waterfalls and streams, so different from the very dry country where I was born. And here is my attempt to show the richness, wateriness and greenness of the landscape.

Hopefully, you don’t think it is fecking ‘orrible either!

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