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Good news for a wannabe painter

Kootenay River near Fort Steele, BC, Canada

Kootenay River near Fort Steele, BC, Canada, Winter 2015

Today I had some good news – I was approved as an Active Member of the Federation of Canadian Artists. This was tricky for a couple of reasons. 1) It is juried. You have to present your work. You can get turned down if you aren’t good enough, I suppose. (I wonder if people ever do get turned down…) The submission form referred to the jurors looking for “works which contain a working understanding of the use of line, color, composition, perspective, shape, light, proportion and positive and negative space.” Negative space – that expression worried me a bit.

2) You have to have a “body of work”. This  is tough for “weekend painters” like me, especially since I only started painting again a couple of years back, so I was glad to make the grade.

3) It is the biggest association of artists in Canada, and the oldest. So hooray! for me. I am an amateur but earnest painter amongst the professional and very impressive artists who are members of the “FCA” (which I’m not allowed to call it because people get it mixed up with being a Certified Accountant).

2016_CFA Active_badgePart of the submission process was to have a “professional artist’s website” displaying your work. After many toings and froings with trying to get images of my paintings to display properly on this website (ultimately, I still don’t like the way it looks – this website template is designed for lots of text, not image displays), I tried out a local (Vancouver) initiative called, which was a not-for-profit website for artists. This eventually became the monetized site, direct2artist, which has a lot more functionality and is international rather than Canadian. My paintings can now be seen on this website, here:



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