Books by Bear of Little Brain

Books by M. Bijman, a.k.a. the Bear of Little Brain, produced with Blurb software, on the Blurb platform. Here are a couple of which you can do a virtual page-through.

About the header: The teddy bear in the picture is my dear old bear. He was given to my twin brother when we were born. He got the bear and I got a doll. When my brother died in 1994, I found and kept his bear. I take good care of the old bear, since it is the only thing of my brother that I have. He has no value, a cheap toy was all my parents could afford. And he has no name, it is just “Bear”. But as you can see, he has been loved so much his fur is quite worn off. His nose also has a chip out of it, but I mended that in the photo. A bear has his dignity, after all. Bear might not be worth a cent, but to me he is invaluable and irreplaceable.