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I spend my days making pretty pictures. Lucky me.

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Still more paintings. (Yes, I actually do spend my days making pretty pictures.) These are a series of three paintings I am going to submit for the Anonymous Exhibition 2016  of the North Vancouver Community Arts Council (NVCAC). Again, the paintings at this show are all required to be 8 X 8 inches, and about 1.5 inches deep.  The idea was to produce a set of realistic still lifes using purely acrylic on canvas, no cheating with other media. With still lifes, unless you get the essential features of individual objects right, the whole thing falls into the Uncanny Valley and looks disconcertingly “off”. So these are representational, as they say, and moreover, old-school, from the choice of objects, right down to the double-glossy, highly reflective Liquitex Pouring Medium as a varnish or glaze. Though, I have to admit, looking at them now, there is something slightly abstract about them…

  • I first painted Cherries in a Chinese Bowl as an ipad painting, from a photo, but recreating it freehand on canvas is an entirely different kettle of fish.
  • The Silver Teapot with Lemons features an heirloom silver teapot which, by now, has an interesting patina on it. No doubt because I have’t cleaned it in years!
  • The Glass of Wine with Mini Pears in a Heirloom Porcelain Bowl, is exactly that. However, I left off the intricate flower design on the bowl – just got too busy. Anyone ever told you how tricky it is to paint glass? Well, it is, very. The pears are teeny, called Seckel pears, about one bite each.

To get a closer look at these, go to my portfolio on Direct2artist.

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