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iPad painting #5 Spring blossoms

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13 Spring blossoms_signed2

Title: Spring Blossoms, iPad painting by M. Bijman (digital painting, 21 x 28 inches)

Standing waiting at the car wash we were under a canopy of fresh Spring blossoms. The car wash was pretty grim. The blossoms were pristine, and no-one but me so much as glanced at them. I took a few photos and then transformed one into this on my iPad. The trickiest bits were the stamens that had to be done painstakingly line by line with a 3 px brush. The background was relatively easy, broad, blurred strokes with a finger. I added the photo effect “hope” because it seems to me the every year the blossoms bring hope of another beautiful Summer here in BC.

Find my other paintings at Direct2Artist.

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