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Making do with what you’ve got – Painting of “Mount Robson”.

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Title: Mount Robson, Canadian Rockies – Acrylic painting on metal panel, width: 37 cm, depth: 2 cm, height: 78 cm/Width: 14 ½ “, depth: ¾ “, height: 30 ¾ “.

Making do with what you’ve got

This is painted on a “Spontan” magnetic board from IKEA which I had spare! Painting with acrylic on metal is fiendishly difficult. Using oils or mixing acrylics with slow-drying medium just doesn’t work – the paint peels right off and doesn’t stay in layers – it just turns to mud/murk and drips off. So quick-drying acrylic, applied with a dry brush almost straight from the tube, is the only option. And you have to work really fast. Afterwards, it cannot be varnished because the paint just peels off. If you use a pouring medium over it, to achieve a high-gloss effect, the entire painting comes off like a multi-hued plastic skin. (Quite interesting really! I tried painting ripples on water on another “Spontan” panel and it was oddly effective.) I wanted to use a palette knife on the mountains, but since I didn’t have one I used a plastic cake server which had more or less the right shape. The metal surface allowed me to cut into the paint to create lines to let the silvery background shine through – like glittering ice and snow – when you view the painting from an angle.

Painted this one while listening to Gorillaz’s album “Plastic Beach” from 2010, on repeat. I love “On Melancholy Hill”.



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