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It’s snowing and makes me think of a book…


This imprint: HarperCollins. The books in the series have been in constant reprint for decades. First published in 1940, this particular edition is from 2008.

This morning, with snow swirling and dropping like a thick veil onto ground that is already piled high with snow from last night, I remember a book I used to love when I was a little girl, living in South Africa: The Long Winter, part of the Little House series, by Laura Ingalls Wilder. It is set in southeastern Dakota Territory in America during the severe winter of 1880 to 1881. I read the books in the series with not much understanding of log cabins, huge woods, green, waving prairie grasslands, or snow. It all seemed quite exotic. The wagons, oxen and farming I could deal with, since my grandparents were from a long line of farming stock. But where we lived it was semi-arid and hot, and  we didn’t have any woodlands, prairies…or snow. Snow was a thing found only in books.  Continue reading