The family of A.G. Roemmers

Glamorous backstory

The headline says: Alejandro Roemmers, the new love of Rabolini
The headline says: Alejandro Roemmers, the new love of [Karina Eliana] Rabolini. A.G. Roemmers is a celebrity in Argentina and moves in the highest social circles, judging by media reports.
Here is the backstory of where the peculiar Argentine surname, Roemmers, comes from. A.G. Roemmers’ websites do not refer to it. Alberto Werner Heinz (A.W.H.) Roemmers, the father of Alejandro (A.R.), born 1926, is an Argentine billionaire who serves as the president of Laboratorios Roemmers (Roemmers S.A.I.C.F.), which is the largest pharmaceutical group in Argentina. The Roemmers Group has an estimated 13% of the Argentine pharmaceuticals market through the different companies of the Group: Roemmers, Investi, Argentia, and Maprimed. The globally represented group is one of the top 50 generic drug manufacturers in the world.

The Roemmers Conglomerate is led by CEO Eduardo Macchiavello. The pharmaceutical group was founded in 1921 by A.W.H. Roemmers’ father, Alberto J. Roemmers, who was born 1890 in Lennep, Germany – hence the German surname. In 2002 the Roemmers family stepped aside from managing the company as a family concern and restructured the company with Macchiavello as CEO. The Roemmers family is still present on the company’s executive board, and are consulted on all major strategic decisions.

A.W.H. Roemmers, who took over as CEO of Laboratorios Roemmers after the death of his father in 1972, is estimated to be the fifth richest man in Argentina, who, according to Forbes Magazine, enjoys a personal fortune of US $1 billion at 2015. A.W.H. Roemers, and his wife, Hebe Colman Lerner, had four children, three of whom are still living: Alberto, Alejandro Guillermo (A.G.), Alfredo Pablo and Andreas Cristian. The youngest of the Roemmers sons, Cristian, died on December 4, 1998, at age 30, in a paragliding accident in the Cerro Arco mountains near Mendoza, Argentina.