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My new blog goes live

This weekend my new blog went live. It’s about my music, under the artist name I’ve picked, Cōdae. It is quite hard to find a unique and also meaningful pseudonym these days. There are so many bands and websites and performers, that most names have been taken. So this is one that I could trademark and that actually means something: cōdae is the early Latin, female plural of the noun cōda, which in today’s Italian, coda, is a music term for the movement or part which ends or closes off a piece of music. The name suits me because I am kind of over the hill to be doing production of electronic music.

At the bottom of this page, right, is a link to the website, which, being freshly born, only has one post on it at the moment.

This is the result of a long, heartfelt rant that I had some months back, bout the functionality and features of WordPress. I eventually learned some hard lessons about music publishing, the first being that it’s courses for horses. If you want to publish music, look at a platform that specializes in music. In this case, I picked SoundCloud. If you specialize in paintings, then pick something like Etsy. If historical weapons are your thing and you want to be a vlogger, then possibly avoid Youtube and use pick a platform where people vlog mainly about weapons.

As you can see by the link above, the page does not display the number of likes or followers. It looks like I’m just a complete non-entity with zero appeal. I’ve explained why I’ve done this, in a previous post.

However, though SoundCloud is absolutely perfect for music, from the functionality to the security, protection of your copyrighted materials and the legal registrations of your productions, it does not allow you to say much about what you have made. The track is the track and it can have a brief text write-up but no add-on document like liner notes. Those things (“freebies” or “extras”) can be added to other platform pages, for instance BandCamp, but I’m not there yet. I’ve had too much work to just figure out SoundCloud and get my catalogue organized. (And a music catalogue, ladies and gentlemen, is a huge and complicated database to set up and maintain. Normally people employ lawyers or music publishers for that. But, after a few screwups, it’s done and in place and correct.)

I needed an online location to put all the other bits and pieces that tell the story of how the song, track, composition or piece of music came to be. So – please pardon the spelling and the lack of a hyphen, but this is an IP address not a headline – was it.

I also had to invent an avatar for myself. People do need a face, something human, to latch on to when they listen to a new track, same as when you read a novel, you do keep the author in mind. There is that connection.

Yes, I am perpetually grumpy. And I do like wearing black leather. And that is my favourite pair of pink and gold Bose wireless headphones that these days never seems to leave my head.

So, me being not so bad with the art thing, I took a photo of myself and turned it into a drawing in the style of one of my favourite artists, Jame Hewlett. That took longer than some of the songs I’ve written. Well, I think I’m not too bad with the art thing and that it’s OK – not too offensive!

From now on I’ll be writing all those posts about music on that blog so do keep an eye out.

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