About M. Bijman and Seven Circumstances

Marthe Bijman (left) reads for pleasure and in order to produce reviews for this website, and certain publishers. She likes Literary Fiction and Science Fiction and finds the translated work of Chinese and Scandinavian authors particularly interesting. She is a Star Trek and James Bond fan – but her taste in literature is eclectic. She lives on the outskirts of Vancouver, Canada, with a big old iMac and various other PCs and Apple gadgets to work on, and, behind her house, a small forest which is home to a black bear.
She is bilingual in English and Afrikaans, and also competent in Dutch and German, and fastidious about spelling and grammar. She has written five collections of poetry, illustrated with her photos and paintings. Until which time she discovers someone else who takes reviewing as seriously as she does, all the reviews on this website, except for one, are produced by her, though she listens to her mother’s views on particular books, and those of her husband, who is better at Science, Maths and History than she is. And better at photography too. Why does she do it? Habit, probably. “This website would not exist without readers and I am actually writing to those mostly faceless readers. This is my website, and within the boundaries of the law, I write whatever I please on it.” – Marthe Bijman

“Marthe is an excellent book reviewer, quite possibly the best I’ve worked with. She gave more than required (sometimes pointing me to books that I might have overlooked – in the nicest possible way); her depth of knowledge was remarkable, yet her reviews were accessible to readers who might have been less informed; she produced consistently high quality, insightful reviews, prolifically and punctually; and she was respectful of our parameters. In terms of our interactions, it was a joy to correspond with someone who is so enthusiastic, intelligent and informed; she inspired me to do better and because she did her part so well, my life was so much easier (no need to nag to get the reviews in and, once in front of me, they were so well written that they needed scant, if any, editing). Marthe would be an asset to any books editor.”  – Anna Rich  – Senior editor at Media24, Fairlady Magazine

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