About M. Bijman and Seven Circumstances

Me in the middle

Seven Circumstances is my literature blog, which turned 10 years old in December 2020. I personally write and create all the reviews and graphics on this website. I read for pleasure and in order to write reviews for this website, for certain publishers and, on special request for certain authors. (Though they take their chances about what I will say about their book. Could be good, could be bad.)

This site is not for profit, contains no advertising or sponsorship, and will never be monetized. I do not get paid for any reviews. All opinions are my own and independent, and I say what I want within the constraints of the law. I constantly think about literature, art, music, films and information processing and this site is where I express my ideas – I put them here so I don’t forget.

I am bilingual in English and Afrikaans, and also competent in Dutch and German. I am fastidious about spelling and grammar and I do try not to have typos in my posts. (But I do – often.)

I have written six collections of poetry, illustrated with my photos and paintings. I also created a website of my book about my family’s history, called The Hope Chest.

To earn a living, I am a professional proposal writer and I run a business communications and Geoscience consultancy called Red Pennant Communications.


  • M.A. (Applied Linguistics and Literary Sciences)
  • B.A. Honours (European Languages)
  • Honours B. Journ. (Journalism)
  • B.A. (Linguistics & Psychology)
  • H. Dip. Education (Secondary language teaching)
  • Certificate in Adult Basic Education and Training
  • Master Trainer: Teaching of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL)
  • Association of Proposal Management Professionals: APMP-Foundation, CPRP, APR

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