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In the Company of angels, by Thomas E. Kennedy

In the Company of Angels, by Thomas E. Kennedy

In the Company of Angels, by Thomas E. Kennedy

Bloomsbury USA (January 4, 2011) In the Company of Angels is a heart-rending, hopeful story of survival. Bernardo, who was imprisoned and tortured by Pinochet’s regime in Chile, and Michela, who had survived marital abuse and a family tragedy, fall in love despite their circumstances, drawn together by their love of literature:

“Then I confirmed that walls are broken with sighs / And that some doors to the sea are opened with words.” (Rafael Alberti)

Kennedy skillfully weaves the beautiful words of poets and authors as diverse as Pablo Neruda and Matthew Arnold into his descriptions of an austere, yet sheltering Copenhagen, and the nightmarish struggles of the characters. His depiction of the healing power of love, literature, faith and acceptance will stay with you long after you have finished reading it.

The book is the first of the Copenhagen Quartet series, four independent novels, with each set in a different season in the Danish capital, and each written in a different literary style. The others are Falling Sideways (2011), Kerrigan in Copenhagen, A Love Story (2013), and Beneath the Neon Egg (2014). If I were you I’d buy and read the lot. More about Kennedy and the series can be found here. (Rtrvd. 2016-03-06)