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The Songwriter, by Beatrice Colin

The Songwriter, by Beatrice Colin

The Songwriter, by Beatrice Colin

(John Murray Publishers, October 1, 2010) If you want a read that will grip you to such an extent that you will slurp up every page and forget work and family, then get The Songwriter. Colin knows just how to conjure up the magic of bygone eras, in this case New York in WW I, when Communism was rampant, jazz was new and hot, and love songs made up the sound track of the city.

With characters as engaging and haunting as those in her previous novel, The Luminous Life of Lilly Aphrodite, Colin here creates another memorable character – music itself. Her descriptions of the process of creating and interpreting music were a revelation to me. The complex plot has a shocking ending that made me hunt for a tissue, but fortunately holds the promise of a sequel. Colin’s website with discussions of her novels, including her latest, Pyrate’s Boy (2013) is here (rtrvd. 2016-03-06).