Video-format reviews – Get the gist in about one minute

The “Long Read”, they say, is a thing of the past. These days, it’s all about visuals, pictures and videos that are short enough to be taken in quickly by people in a hurry. The catch is, when you post something short, it had to have been extracted from something long. First the thinking has to be done, then it can be compacted. So, for the “Short Read” or “Quick View”, look at these videos, most less than a minute long. For the thinking behind the Short Reads, click on the linked reviews.

22.The Only Story, By Julian Barnes
21. The Forbidden Zone, by Jon Gliddon (Oct. 2020)
20. The Friar’s Lantern, by Greg Hickey (July 2019)
19. Butterfly, by John Delacourt (March 2019)
18. Codex 1962, by Sjón (March 2019)
17. Undermajordomo Minor, by Patrick deWitt (Dec. 2018)
16. The accidental further adventures of the one hundred-year old man, by Jonas Jonasson (Oct. 2018)
15. Night Vale - A Novel
by Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor (August 2018)
14. Calypso
by David Sedaris (August 2018)
13. The Books of Babel, 
by Josiah Bancroft (July 2018)
12. On the Bright Side, 
by Hendrik Groen (June 2018)
11. The Pleasure Model Repairman 
by Ruuf Wandersen (June 2018)
10. Literary One-hit Wonders 
(April 2018)
9. The Memory Palace, 
by Edward Hollis (April 2018)
8. Bloom County, 
by Berke Breathed (March 2018)
7.Insomniac City, 
by Bill Hayes (March 2018)
6.You Took the Last Bus Home, 
by Brian Bilston (Feb. 2018)
5. The Last Kind Words Saloon, 
by Larry McMurtry (Feb. 2018)
by Sarah Miller (Feb. 2018)
3.Rhett & Link’s Book of Mythicality, 
by Rhett McLaughlin and Link Neal (Jan. 2018)
2.Lincoln In the Bardo, 
by George Saunders (Jan. 2018)
1.The Thirst, 
by Jo Nesbo (Jan. 2018)