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“Corner Gas” movie in production – Finally!

Ever since the Canadian sitcom series Corner Gas ended in 2009, people have been asking (1) why it stopped and (2) when it will be made into a movie. Well, question 2 has now been answered. The Corner Gas movie is currently in production!

Says Brent Butt on his blog (on May 20, 2014):

“…the original story for this script was dreamed up by me and two other Corner Gas writers, and the actual script was written by me and Andrew Carr (one of the original writers on all six seasons) along with a nice, talented guy named Andrew Wreggit, who helped us transform a short-form show into a feature length movie.” 

Brent Butt on brentbutt.com
Screen Shot 2014-05-30 at 11.55.57 AM

As to question 1, why did it stop, he says:

“We had done 107 episodes, six years of filming, and I simply did not want the show to go on too long. I did not want to see it get old and tired and stale. It was far too special to let it just wither on the vine. This show deserved a fate that would allow the fruit to always be sweet,… if I may be so sappy and maudlin. But, in the back of my mind, I always knew I wanted to return one more time.”

Brent Butt on Brentbutt.om

I am a passionate fan of Corner Gas and Brent Butt, and I wrote about his comedy and the Canadian psyche on my blog. Hopefully, the new scrips from Butt, Andrew Carr and Andrew Wreggit will have the same wit and depth as those of the original series. And, hopefully, no “Hollywoodization”.

Follow all the action on Twitter: @CornerGas; and check out the new website at cornergasthemovie.com. They’ve got a Kickstarter campaign going to fund the movie! Give, people, give! (Links rtrvd. May 30, 2014)

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