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Happy Autumn!

A Google Doodle for First Day of Autumn

I love Autumn – it’s a beautiful season. Today is the first day of Autumn in the Northern Hemisphere, and the Google Doodle of today was just so cute I couldn’t resist downloading it. (Actually, it can’t be downloaded since it’s not a gif but a determined mind finds ways and means…) This one is beautifully illustrated by Eleanor Davis. I added what I thought was a very suitable soundtrack, “Overture to the Sun” by folk group Sunforest (1969) which was in the soundtrack of Stanley Kubrick’s A Clockwork Orange (1971).

And here is a poem by one of my favourite poets, Rainer Maria Rilke: what a wonderful image – leaves that fall as if from gardens in the sky.

By Rainer Maria Rilke (1875–1926)

The leaves are falling, falling as from far,
As if far gardens in the skies were dying;
They fall, and ever seem to be denying.

And in the night the earth, a heavy ball,
Into a starless solitude must fall.

We all are falling. My own hand no less
Than all things else; behold, it is in all.
Yet there is One who, utter gentleness,
Holds all this falling in His hands to bless.

(Margarete Münsterberg, ed., trans. A Harvest of German Verse. 1916)


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