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Printed books are not only for old fogeys like me

Comic artist and illustrator Lucas Levitan’s particular talent is to superimpose his bulbous-nosed cartoon figures onto actual photos he has found, mostly on Instagram. I think his illustrations and videos are charming and playful, but occasionally one might cause me to wonder “What was THAT?! Ooooh yuck. In this video he explains convincingly why he prefers printed books to electronic format books and why he needs funding to collect his illustrations in a book. I agree with Levitan. I still prefer to buy books made of paper, even if I order them online. My reasons: 1) You can read all day without being tied to a cable for charging the battery. 2) You can weigh it in your hand to get an idea of how far you still have to go to the end. 3) You can read it in the rain, in the cold, outside, upside down, etc. 4) You can use it for other things – to sit on, or throw at someone, for instance. And, lastly, like Hong Kong artist Movana Chen has done, you can KNIT something from a shredded book once you’re done with it.

Everyone, on this Friday the 13th, relieve your superstitious blues with Levitan’s delightful video. The book, called Photo Invasion, was published in 2015.

Other illustrators I like:

  • David  Firth, creator of many awesome things, particularly Salad Fingers.
  • Hugleikur Dagsson, an Icelandic cartoonist/writer/comedian with a pretty dark sense of humour.
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