Taking a lesson from one of my favourite bloggers, Seth Godin, I am from now on going to compact my critiques (“crits”) into video clips of less than a minute long, for those who have no time to wade through the in-depth reviews. I hope that it will stimulate someone to “take an action” of either posting a meaningful comment (in other words, that isn’t spam or click-bait) or reading the review and the book. Here’s the first one, 47 seconds about Jo Nesbo’s The Thirst. Below are my reasons for doing this.

Review of The Thirst, by Jo Nesbo (“Compact Crits #1”)

Reasons why

In Nov. 2017, marketing expert Seth Godin stated that he had just released his 7,000th post. 7,000 is a lot of writing, but he writes short posts – an impactful paragraph or two – which he publishes every day. It is true that the habit of writing a post every day, and the habit of reading it every day, like I do, have positive effects over time. See? This post is the result of Godin’s ideas resonating with me.

“Over time, the blog adds up. People remember a blog post a year after I wrote it. Or they begin a practice, take an action, make a connection, something that grows over time. The blog resonates with people in so many fields, it’s thrilling to see how it can provoke positive action.” – Seth Godin



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