Today’s Loose Rhymes – emails and airplanes

I’ve been putting my poems on my poem-page on this website, mostly for my own amusement. I’ve noticed that just about anything gets me writing and rhyming, from the weather to work. Here are the two latest ones.

Out Of Office Message

Aug. 11, 2018 – I have lately gone back to working in the corporate environment, where, all day long, I respond to emails, and these days, Skype messages. One has to be so polite and make sure that one is “reachable” at all times – you know, for the convenience of one’s colleagues. While wondering whether to end my email on a “regards”, “warmest regards”, “cheers” or “best wishes”, to indicate the correct level of formality and mood, I also decided to compose an out-of-office response with the most politically correct language ever. So there you go – lovely passive-aggressive Canadian-ness. Sorry.

Click the pic for the poem

Staring Into The Sun

Aug. 10, 2018 – Tomorrow it will be that time of the year when we go to the Abbotsford Air Show. It is always very impressive and beautiful, especially to a Bear of Little Brain like me, who knows nothing about aeroplanes and aeronautics. Usually I just sit on the chair at the side of the runway and quietly melt into a pool of goo from the heat, and get scorched eyeballs from looking right up at the planes.

Click the pic for the poem

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