A Year in Books – Video of 2018 on Seven Circumstances

Readers who enjoy reading about the books they have read, and are searching for the next good book to read, are like a virtual book club. We don’t sit around in someone’s lounge and eat, drink and try to get in our two-cents’ worth of opinion – but we have ideas in common about the books we’ve read. And we take similar mental journeys through the same books, though we each react differently to what we have read. The readers of this blog therefore constitute a little virtual book club that is growing bit by bit every year. In 2019, I hope to make many more delightful discoveries of wonderful new authors and their books, and share them with the visitors, viewers and followers of this site. And maybe, if there’s time in 2019, I’ll take a closer look at the writing that these followers do on their own blogs!

Biteable video of the year in review

Without those clever Aussies who invented the Biteable video-making app, the approximately one-minute “Compact Crit” video-format reviews I started doing this year would never have existed. Here’s a Biteable video summarizing the year on Seven Circumstances. As always, the numbers speak for themselves.

A steady growth curve ( – Jetpack stats)
Where the visitors come from ( – Jetpack stats)

About the header

The daft folk tale in the header to this post is from a website called on which an Artificial Intelligence program randomly generates philosophical-type sayings and inspirational-sounding quotes. The sentences look English (apart from the occasional grammar mistakes) but as a whole usually make no sense at all. Sometimes the program does produce a truism and when that happens it is quite unnerving – like the quote on the left.

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