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The Blogess has a new book coming out – Broken, by Jenny Lawson

Here’s news from one of the writers I admire – Jenny Lawson, who made me laugh long and loud at her memoirs Let’s Pretend This Never Happened (2012) and Furiously Happy (2015): She has another book, her third, coming out in 2021, apparently a collection of humorous essays. Read all about it, below.

The publication date is April 6, 2021. It’s been a long wait for another book from her. In the meantime I follow her blog with its funny and weird, but relatable, posts. That’s the interesting thing about Lawson – she does suffer from serious health problems, she will be the first to talk about that, but the way she describes what she is going through creates echoes in most readers who feel they are not Perfect People. Which means most people. Ever said something inappropriate at a party out of sheer embarrassment? She has. Ever had an absolute howler of an argument with your Significant Other and afterwards realized it made no sense at all except to you? Yup. She has. Ever just wanted to see photos of people’s pets to imagine petting them so you can feel better? She has.

I absolutely recommend both her blog (she is The Blogess) and a visit to her bookshop, the Nowhere Bookshop, if you are ever in San Antonio, Texas, US. I have to recommend the writing of a woman who is not shy to share with the world that she collects small, dressed-up, taxidermied animals. She’s my kinda person. In any case, here is her news, straight from her blog. Can hardly wait! (Re. the “random crap” – it’s typical Lawson.)

The Nowhere Bookshop (Kelly Merka Nelson, The Bloggess’ Jenny Lawson to Open Combination Bookstore and Bar in San Antonio, in San Antonio Current, Sep. 1, 2019)

BROKEN (in the best possible way)


Big announcement.

I’ve been working for I-don’t-even-know-how-many-years on my next book because I wanted it to be perfect and finally it’s done. It has a title. It has a pub date. And? It has a cover.

Wanna see?

It’s about not just dealing with, but celebrating the strange and broken parts of our selves. It won’t come out until next year but you can preorder it right here.I hope you love it. More to come…


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