The Colours of Cold

I was thinking about a comment that Fran, one of the bloggers whom I follow, made the other day about snow – that when it snows, the light reminds her of the colour on the inside of a mussel shell. True, that, I thought. So I wrote a poem about it, “The Colours of Cold”.

It’s been a long time since the words for a poem have come to me and stuck in my head until I wrote them down. Thanks for the inspiration, Fran.

Note on the form: Written in couplets (pairs of rhyming lines) with an end-rhyme scheme, and 5 syllables per line, in 5 stanzas of quatrains.

 Mornings are palest
     shades of eau-de-
 Talcum-white snow puffs
     on the window
 Cloud breaks show glimpses 
     of duck-egg-blue
 which fades to nacre 
     like a drawn-out
 as the shell of the sphere
     (a protective 
 renders the landscape
     in mother-of- 
 Then that muted glow 
     meets the bone black
 and so disappears
     the marmoreal
 And only the moon
     rimmed in palest 
 adds one more hue to
     the colours of

©Bear of Little Brain 2021

5 comments on “The Colours of Cold

  1. Altyd as iets vir my baie mooi is, raak ek bewoë. Mag ek asseblief herblog?

  2. Maar natuurlik kan jy, Fran. Ek is bly jy dink dis mooi.

  3. What a beautiful selection of descriptions!

  4. Dis pragtig, en ek is bly dat ek jou begin volg het en sulke kosbaarhede kan lees.

  5. Thank you, Anne. It’s a pretty part of the world where we live, an ideal subject for poems.

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