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Ever felt like it’s too quiet? Here’s a poem about that.

People have grown used to being in each other’s company all the time during the past two years, what with working from home and lockdowns. And it looks like now some countries are loosening the restrictions and urging workers to go back to the office (no doubt to justify those huge leases that businesses are still paying). But there was a time when being apart was not common and quite stressful to put up with. This poem is about that – I remember that I got so used to The Husband being around that when he was not there, my mind started playing tricks on me.


I think it’s time that you come home -
It’s quite a strain to be alone.
When you’re away the doors go squeak,
the joists reverb as though they speak, 
the robot vacuum’s click-click-click
sounds like the stabs of an ice pick
wielded by an evil stranger.
Every little noise spells danger!
Even the voices in my head
won’t shut up when I go to bed;
it’s so still, my ears are ringing.
How I miss your laptop tinging, 
the echo when you roll your chair,
your hurried clomping down the stair.
I’m tense like the slide of a gun:
this type of solitude’s no fun.

             "Stressful Quietude", by the Bear of Little Brain, (M. Bijman), March 2022

Rhyme scheme etc.

This one is simple, 4 quatrains, with a coupled rhyme scheme: AABB CCDD EEFF GGHH. Nothing fancy, just a couple of run-on lines to break the monotony, since this is what the poem expresses: monotony – but the kind of monotony you wish you could break. Darn my overactive imagination. *sigh*

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