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Britney, the Unauthorized Biography, by Sean Smith

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Britney – The Unauthorized Biography, by Sean Smith (Pan Macmillan, Jun 1, 2011)

When this book was published, practically every week there were pictures of Britney Spears in the tabloids, either in meltdown mode or on stage, accomplished and sexy. Smith’s unauthorised, un-annotated biography deals with both the private person and the performer. Quoting a network of insiders and associates, Smith has produced a convincing, sympathetic and not overtly sensationalist biography.

He sticks to the basic facts, which, in this case, are intriguing enough. He frequently mentions how her conservative background left her unprepared for fame, and how she has been misled by opportunists in the music industry.

His message is that despite Britney’s private life being a public mess, her saving grace is that she is, and had been for some 20 years, an exceptionally talented professional performer.

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