Dewey, the Small-Town Library Cat, by Vicki Myron

Go on, just read it - it will steal your heart.
Dewey Readmore Books, November 18, 1987 – November 29, 2006. Dewey, the Small-Town Library Cat, by Vicky Myron (Grand Central Publishing; 1st edition, September 24, 2008)

The cat of the title, Dewey Readmore Books, is [now, was] a long-haired ginger tabby that librarian Vicki Myron found on an icy winter morning in the book drop-off box of the public library of Spencer, Iowa, USA. Dewey lived in the library, slept on the book trolleys and in index card boxes, and did his inimitable thing for 17 years, gathering fans from around the world. Interwoven with his life is that of the author, Vicki, her family, and the townspeople of Spencer

While the “aw-shucks” rating on this book is sky-high, it is a happily satisfying little gem of a true story, honestly written, that just about anyone will love, from Dewey’s appealing portrait on the front cover, to the very last word.

The website of Dewey Readmore Books is here [retrvd. 2016-03-05].


The book has been translated into Chinese, Hebrew, Italian, Korean, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Slovenian and other languages, and was republished for children of different age groups. Myron followed up the book with more stories about Dewey in Dewey’s Nine Lives: The Legacy of the Small-Town Library Cat Who Inspired Millions (Dutton, New York, 2010). It was published as an audiobook by Penguin Audio in 2010.

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