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Embassytown, by China Miéville

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This is a New Weird novel / thriller / sociological discourse about Linguistics in society, or to be more precise – Semiotics – and even though I have a MA degree in the subject, it really intrigued and challenged me. It is set in a comprehensive, holistic, entirely new created world. I have never read anything like it, and neither have I ever encountered the premise, setting, plot or the language (functions and notions) Miéville has invented for this novel. You have to really pay attention while you read it, and learn – as the characters in the book do – the new language presented to you. Some novels are easily read and quickly forgotten. Not this one. It will stay with you and puzzle and please you long after you have put it down. The basic premise of the novel is this: language – the words we have – are concepts, not meant to literally be the things they represent. (Continue reading…)

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