Espedair Street, by Iain Banks

Originally published: Macmillan Publishers, 1987
Espedair Street, by Iain Banks (Originally published: Macmillan Publishers, 1987)

I am a total Iain Banks fan, so was looking forward to Espedair Street, which was first published in 1987. Sorry to say, it was not good, not as good by a long shot as any of his later novels or Sci-Fi fiction.

I have problems remembering what it’s about. I can’t recall if there was anything notable about it. Usually I write notes and put stickies all over a novel if it’s interesting, or good, or it makes me think. This one? Not even a page corner folded over as a reminder. It’s about a former rock star who lives in an abandoned church and is bored and has a useless life. What does he do? Can’t remember. It involves a girl. Do I care? Naw. What’s worse, the lyrics that Banks thought up for this guy’s songs are really awful.

So just ignore this book and read more about all the other fabulous novels by Iain Banks/Iain M. Banks.

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