Insomniac City, by Bill Hayes

Insomniac City – New York, Oliver Sacks, and Me, by Bill Hayes (Format: Kindle Edition,
file Size: 10226.0 KB, print Length: 298 pages,
publisher: Bloomsbury USA; 1 edition, Feb. 14 2017)

Insomniac City made me cry – but in a nice way. I am an incurable romantic and Hayes’s revealing memoir really tugged at my heart-strings despite my best efforts to give his book a clinical analysis. I am the kind of person who likes old-fashioned love stories like City Lights, the black-and-white, silent 1931 film starring Charlie Chaplin as the little Tramp, and Virginia Cherrill as the blind flower seller with whom he falls in love. (Keep reading…)

Or go direct to the 1-minute video review…

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