My Life, My Way, by Cliff Richard

Don’t judge – read the book. My Life, My Way, by Cliff Richard. (Headline, updated ed., July 9, 2009)

Until I read this autobiography, I though Cliff Richard was naff (meaning, uncool, tacky, unfashionable). It turns out he is actually not. He says in the prologue:

“This is my book, about me, not to be confused with any number of books ABOUT me.”

So he sets out to disprove a whole lot of misconceptions about him. I found out that he is an outspoken Christian, seriously wealthy, has an empire in music but also in charitable projects, has throngs of life-long admirers worldwide, loves his family, knows his own mind and has been battling opposition from the media for decades because of his clean lifestyle. I enjoyed his dry wit, honesty and unpretentious, clean writing style, his philosophizing, and his anecdotes about the music industry, and read it all in one satisfying sitting.

OK, “respek” (to quote “Ali G.”) from now on to Sir Cliff. He may be 68 (when the book was published), but he’s still cool. As to the answer, is he or isn’t he gay; he writes about his personal relationships in the book and readers can come to their own conclusions, but ultimately, there are other much more important things about his life than why he never got married. So there.

By the way, as of 2010, this quintessentially British artist is a citizen of Barbados and lives either in Barbados or in Portugal.

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