Perdido Street Station, by China Miéville

Macmillan, London, UK, 2000Miéville’s magnum opus, Perdido Street Station, is a magnificent tour de force of imagination, a grand experience in which the reader’s reality gets sublimated into the complete, fantastically detailed, spell-binding world of New Crobuzon and its inhabitants. All 710 wonderful, engrossing pages of it. Again, the descriptions so gripped me that I felt I could see, in my mind, “Yagharek”, the Garuda, who had had his wings cut from his back, “Lin”, the Khepri artist, who sculpts with her own spit; “Isaac”, the lumbering scientist with wildly teetering emotions, the “Weaver”, who snips and weaves dreams and reality for the sake of beauty; the slake-moths, with their hypnotic wings; and all the weird and wonderful imaginings of China Miéville’s prodigious and astonishingly creative mind. (Continue reading…)

About M. Bijman

Avid reader, longtime writer of book reviews and literary analyses. Interested in literature, creativity and cognition, language and linguistics, musicology, and technology. Occasionally writes poems and bits of music.

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