Sweet Temptation, by Lucy Diamond

Sweet Temptation, by Lucy Diamond (Pan Macmillan, January 1, 2010)

At first glance Sweet Temptation looks like chick lit., and it is – that is what she has been labeled as in her Wikipedia entry – but it is not only that. It is amusing and has a soppy sweet ending, but it is also engagingly realistic. Three ordinary women begin a weight loss programme that becomes a catalyst for changing their lives. While the setting is typically British, with some obscure references to Birmingham, every woman will recognize the references to weight, measurements, calorie counting, workouts and diets. While reading it, I felt that Diamond really understands the workings of a dieting woman’s mind, and I empathised with “Maddie”, “Lauren” and “Jess” and their struggles with self-image, men and the lure of the fridge. The underlying message is that weight loss is primarily about learning to love yourself.

Read another one of hers? Nah. Don’t think so. But if this is your thing and you need something for a lazy afternoon or a long flight, there are plenty more by Diamond (rtrvd. 2016-03-06):

  • Any Way You Want Me
  • Over You
  • Hens Reunited
  • The Beach Café
  • Summer with My Sister
  • Me and Mr. Jones
  • One Night in Italy
  • The Year of Taking Chances
  • Summer At Shell Cottage

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