Vinyl Cafe anthologies, by Stuart McLean

Sometimes I chance upon the most amazing things – perhaps it is a Canadian phenomenon – unexpectedly good bands, artists and authors, and now, radio shows. I’m partial to CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation for those who don’t know) Radio 2, which broadcasts a range of interesting modern music in the mornings, and classical in the afternoons. One day, in 2013, on the road, I was delighted to hear a talkshow on the subject of “Shirts” of all things – music and short stories about shirts. The show was “The Vinyl Cafe” with Stuart McLean – who has a superb voice, deep-toned and with clear pronunciation. (Unlike some people whose faces are only good for radio, Mr McLean also happens to be rather dashing looking.) (Continue reading…)

Reviews of The Vinyl Cafe short story collections, by Stuart McLean

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