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Wolf Winter, by Cecilia Ekbäck

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HarperCollins Publishers Ltd., Toronto, First Canadian Edition, 2015Ekbäck describes the mountain and the surrounding villages and homesteads where this novel is set as if she had been there, walked every path, skirted every lake, sat on every ridge and viewed every view a hundred times. She has a prodigious imagination and an outstanding talent for descriptions that transport the reader into a very different time and place – Lapland in 1717. The atmosphere in the novel is gloomy, but riveting. She combines a good mystery with some pastoralism and a fair dose of magic realism. Her facts are pretty accurate for this particular period in Sweden’s history – the setting is well researched. But it is Ekbäck’s obvious affinity with the landscape that sets this novel apart from others in the genre of Cold Climate Mysteries. Her depictions of the snow melting in the spring, for instance, are well observed, beautiful and threatening at the same time. (Continue reading…)

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