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World of Trouble, by Ben H. Winters

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World of TroubleIn books I and II of The Last Policeman series, by Ben H. Winters, we met the last policeman in question, Hank Palace, “The Thinking Woman’s Crumpet”. In my previous review I said that Winters is an accomplished writer, producing a polished narrative, original imagery and an unconventional approach to end-of-days scenarios. Through neat turns of phrase and unusually prescient observations, Winters paints a restrained picture of the coming end of the world. Rather than blood and guts – though murder is still on the agenda – his view of the apocalypse is pretty realistic and frighteningly normal. Which begs the question: what happens to a first-person narrator when he not only dies but everything else ceases to exist too? (Continue reading…)

Go here for reviews of the first two novels in the Last Policeman trilogy, The Last Policeman (I) and World of Trouble (II). 


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