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Review in a compact video – Bloom County, by Berke Breathed

In my review of the return of the Bloom County comic strip, I had in my mind only the drawn characters in Berkeley Breathed’s books. When I later made this compact critique, I discovered the animated Bloom County, a film made in 1991 called A Wish for Wings that Work – An Opus Christmas Story, by Breathed. It is sweet, though I would not quite have imagined “Opus”, my favourite flightless water fowl, to have the voice that he did – but then, how would an English-speaking penguin sound? In this video of 1 minute, 38 seconds, are a couple of snippets of the animated Opus and “Bill the Cat”, as well as the gist of my full-length review.

Compact Crit. #8 - Bloom County, by Berke Breathed


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