Edward Hollis & Hendrik Groen (April 2018)

The Memory Palace – A Book of Lost Interiors, by Edward Hollis

The Memory Palace, by Edward Hollis

When I studied Interior Decorating years ago, I didn’t have the foggiest idea about the real significance of interiors. You can look at rooms as sets of measurements, colour schemes, furniture and personal “stuff”, but you can also look at them from an entirely different angle, which I discovered when I read The Memory Palace, by Edward Hollis. I learned truly intriguing things about the spaces we live in, which made other puzzle pieces fall into place. The journey of discovery started with the title of the book. What is a “memory palace”? Read on.

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On the Bright Side, by Hendrik Groen, translated by Hester Velmans (Publisher: Michael Joseph; published 11 January 2018, 416 pp.)

On the Bright Side, by Anonymous (Hendrik Groen)

The mystery over who “Hendrik Groen” is, continues. Groen is the pseudonym of a Dutch author who has produced two very popular novels about “his” life in an old age home in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Groen, meaning “green” in Dutch, is mentally and physically a sprightly green tree in the aged forest of inhabitants of the old age home. Along with his band of similarly youthful-spirited friends who make up the “Old-But-Not-Dead Club”, they live a life of moderate eventfulness and plentiful very dry humour. (Keep reading)

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