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Welcome to Marwencol, by Mark Hogancamp and Chris Shellen

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Welcome to MarwencolMark Hogancamp lives in a trailer and is something of a celebrity – but for good reason. Obscure people who suddenly become famous are often famous for doing something of no great value. They have 15 minutes of fame and that’s it. Mark Hogancamp is the exception. He was simply doing something to deal with his recovery after being beaten almost to death in 2000. He built a little village that he calls “Marwencol”, that he says is frozen in time in World War II Belgium. And he makes all the characters in the village out of commercially produced military figurines, Barbie dolls, and movie action figures, creating their looks, clothes, equipment, everything to the finest detail. Then he photographs it all and tells stories about Marwencol, and the people living there. This he made outside his trailer, basically in the bare dirt – all painstakingly by hand. He is obviously a wonderful model maker, and a fine photographer. (Continue reading…)

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